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My new company is up and running!


The Very Loud Indeed Co. is now in business! It launched at the end of January, as planned, and the response has been fantastic so far, with several high-caliber artists endorsing its products. Some of them include composers Inon Zur (Fallout game series), Stephen Barton (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order), and Charlie Clouser (Saw film series, American Horror Story).

I expect to be super busy this year with creating new products for the company and managing day-to-day operations, but there are other projects in the pipeline, including a new solo album release and some interesting collaborations with other artists. 

This is looking to be a great year (especially if Covid-19 lets up). Stay tuned!

The Very Loud Indeed Co. is coming soon!


My new company, The Very Loud Indeed Co., will launch in January 2021. It will offer synthesizer sound sets and sample libraries for composers, for acclaimed synths like Spectrasonics' Omnisphere and u-he's Zebra2 and Zebra HZ (hence the new tracks in my Music section here).

I'm currently hard at work designing and programming the sounds for the first sound sets that will be available at launch, creating all the artwork for them, finishing up the company's website, wrapping up the financial and legal details, composing demo tracks for each sound set, and making sure everything is just perfect to kick ass right out of the gate.

A few of my composer friends are already using these first sound sets in their projects and have incredibly positive things to say, so I'm really excited about making them available to everyone everywhere.

Brand new tracks in the Music page


I have added a few new cinematic music tracks to the Music section of this website! The cool thing about these is that they were written and orchestrated using only patches that I programmed from scratch in u-he's Zebra2 and ZebraHZ amazing software synthesizers (except for one of the tracks which has a little electric guitar in it—I couldn't resist!).

The ones made with my Zebra2 patches are called "Blackened Heart", "Until The Light Goes Out" and "Free At Last", and the ones made with my ZebraHZ patches are "Merciless Clock", "One In The Chamber" and "Flashbacks."


New website is live!


After several months of toiling away in my free time, my new website is up, finally. I haven't had a personal website in quite a long time, so I wanted to design something that I felt comfortable with, and so far so good.

You can find the usual things like a bio, work I've done over the years, a bunch of new music and, of course, a news section in which I'll post regularly (hopefully) about cool and exciting stuff as it happens. And I believe there's a lot of cool and exciting stuff coming in the next few months!

You can also send me questions, requests for music or sound design quotes, or simply say hi through the Contact page.

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